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Bear Cubs Snatched From Tree For Group Selfies In NC

At a Buncombe County apartment complex, a video has surfaced of a group of people carelessly snatching bear cubs out of a tree. They proceeded to take selfies with the cubs, and one cub was even dropped during the ordeal.

The cubs were obviously on high alert and scared with one of them even trying to get back over the fence and out of the apartment complex.

The police and North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission were called to the scene. Most of the group taking selfies left before they arrived. Biologist Ashley Hobbs, of the NCWRC said:

"We did follow up with the people who pulled the bear out of the tree. We did confront them on site that day and let them know how irresponsible and potentially deadly it could be for that cub to be separated from its mom, especially ripped out of a tree like that...We do think the bear had a pretty traumatic experience here."

The cub will be released back to the wild after being taken and evaluated at a rehab facility, but the amount of psychological damage caused is unknown at this point. Bear cubs cannot survive on their own, and will need to be cared for until between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. With the mother bear nowhere to be found, this was the best option.

The founder of Help Asheville Bears, Jody Williams, was astonished and had this to say:

“All for a selfie, all for a selfie...It’s just ignorance, total selfishness, this is not what we talk about when we talk about co-existing.”

No word yet on what the mother bear thinks of someone snatching her cubs out of a tree.

Written By: Jennifer


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