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Bubba the Friendly S.C. State Museum’s Friendly Ghost

Photo Credit: Carolina News and Reporter

The S.C. State Museum is a must-see destination anytime you make a trip to Columbia, South Carolina. When you visit you expect to see local historical exhibits but there is a well-known celebrity there within the confines of the museum. His name is Bubba the Ghost and he has been on the clock since before the museum became the attraction we know it as today.

Built in the late 1800s the building was first known as Columbia Mills and had the impressive bragging rights of being the first mill powered by electricity, thus becoming Columbia Duck Mill. Legend has it that Bubba, a young boy employed at the mill, was curious about what floor the elevator was on that he was waiting for. Thinking that the elevator was at the bottom of the shaft he leaned in to take a peek. Unfortunately, the elevator ambushed him from above and broke his neck; killing him shortly thereafter. Talk about a horrible workplace incident.

Even after his unfortunate end, Bubba has been keeping busy on the fourth floor of the mill-turned-museum. Reports from visitors and former employees alike mention feeling a light brush on their hands or hearing a bell ring during the museum’s after-hours. Some have even witnessed seeing a dark shadowy figure as they were exiting the very same elevator Bubba met his end at.

So the next time you plan a trip to Columbia, consider visiting the S.C. State Museum. You might meet a new spectral friend who could be the ultimate exhibit tour guide.


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