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Democratic Politicians Fund and Praise GOP Rep. Randy Ligon - Mayor Carlos Williams Donates

Democrats in Chester and Fairfield Counties are supporting a Republican lawmaker's run for office. Republican S.C. House Rep., Randy Ligon, is the incumbent in the District 43 race. While he runs on the Republican ticket, he has a cumulative Freedom Index score of only 33%.

Mayor of Chester, S.C., Carlos Williams (D), has been found donating to Republican Lawmaker, Randy Ligon's, campaign. According to the S.C. ethics report, Mayor Williams donated $100 on March 11, 2024. Williams is most proud of Chester's first-ever hate crime ordinance. According to QC News, "He got the idea during the annual municipal association meeting. He says he was speaking with another Mayor in South Carolina about hate crimes and ordinances in their respective cities. When he found out that a handful of other cities had an ordinance in place, he knew he needed to bring it back to Chester."

In addition to financial contributions, Ligon is being praised by Democratic Politicians. Radical Democratic S.C. House Rep., Annie McDaniel of Fairfield County, has come out in support of Randy Ligon.

In a recent article put out by QC News, Annie McDaniel said this of Ligon's opponent, Elias Irizarry: "Just the fact that he would run against a colleague of mine that is doing a good job, it's even more alarming."

Annie McDaniel participated in the BLM riots across South Carolina. The State reported, "Having marched from Graham’s office back to Memorial Park, the crowd of at least 100 people was addressed by S.C. Rep. Annie McDaniel (D-Fairfield), who told the crowd that despite failing this year, a hate crimes bill will be introduced again in the South Carolina Legislature in January."

Many in the Chester America First community feel like Ligon should run on the Democratic ticket due to his voting record. Local resident, Chasity Douglass, took to Facebook to express her concerns saying, "First off I do NOT support Randy Ligon in any way shape or form and him voting for the SC healthcare czar when my mama died from a Covid vaccine injury was the last damn straw!"

Other constituents think Ligon does a good job. Former nurse and failed school board candidate, Natalie Paul, has come out in support of Ligon. According to records uncovered by local watchdog group, CCEG, Paul (formerly Natalie Stephenson) lost her nursing license. She allegedly took her dying patient's pain medications.

Chester County Sheriff, Max Dorsey, has recently endorsed Randy Ligon. While Dorsey also runs on the Republican ticket, he brought a democratic drug program to Chester County. L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion), the type of drug program used in Seattle and Portland, was originally funded by George Soros and now uses federal tax dollars in the form of grants.

Ligon has bragged about receiving an endorsement from President Trump; however, it was a blanket endorsement as seen on Donald Trump's Truth Social.

In addition to local democrats supporting Ligon, lawyers from Alex Murdaugh's old law firm have donated. Lee Cope, Austin Crosby, Ronnie Crosby, and Neil Alger all donated to the tune of $500. In fact, at least 30 of his 62 contributions from quarter 1 are from lawyers.

Two Chester County Council members who voted to restrict 1st amendment rights in the community have also donated to the Ligon campaign. Pete Wilson donated $100 with John Agee donating $500.

Many in Chester say that Chester is progressing under these politicians and policies, yet the population has been in decline for decades, grades have worsened, the graduation rate has fallen, and crime has skyrocketed.

Written By: Jennifer

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