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Edisto Island Has a Mysterious Little Tree With a Big Personality

Photo by MGFAN3

Imagine this - you’re on the way to Edisto Island, South Carolina, and taking in the relaxed and beautiful low country view. Heading down Highway 174 near the intersection with Botany Bay Rd., you see the live oaks and the salt marsh grass when suddenly a peculiar tree catches your eye. You are now in the presence of the Edisto Mystery Tree.

This tree is small and has no leaves, but it is possibly the most beautiful tree in the area.

No one knows specifically who started the tradition or who keeps it alive. This tree is fashionable and stays on top of trends with the help of unknown locals and visitors secretly changing out its decor and accessories to keep up with the seasons.

Photo by Illinoishorsesoldier on Flickr

Some of the themes of the Mystery Tree have been sports season with pompoms, footballs, and a metal plate with “Ohio State” dangling from its branches. It gets to go on its very own version of summer break when beach chairs, flip-flops, and sand pails are draped along the tree limbs during the sunny season. The Mystery Tree has even been a confirmed romantic being spotted dressed in dangling hearts and pink flowers clinging to its trunk. It has so many looks throughout the year, you’ll always want to be on the lookout to see what this tree is decked out in every time you pass it.

So go ahead and be inspired by this local fashion icon and embrace the fun of accessories!

Written By: Carly


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