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NC Student Suspended For Saying "Illegal Alien"

Davidson, NC - 16-year-old Christian McGhee was suspended for 3 days for using the term "illegal alien" when asking a question for clarification on his English assignment. He reportedly wanted to know if the assignment was about extra-terrestrials or immigrants. He said, “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”

A classmate of McGhee's was offended by his question, and he threatened him with physical violence. The teacher called in the assistant principal, and McGhee was suspended for 3 days due to "racism" against his Hispanic classmates.

Christian told The Carolina Journal:

“I didn’t make a statement directed towards anyone — I asked a question,” I wasn’t speaking of Hispanics because everyone from other countries needs green cards, and the term ‘illegal alien’ is an actual term that I hear on the news and can find in the dictionary."

McGee's mother, Leah McGhee, had this to say:

“If this was handled properly in the classroom, it could’ve easily been used as a teachable moment for everyone. Our family feels that suspension and a label of racism is an extreme in this case. I feel that the negligence of the administration’s decision fueled the injustice to a student who simply asked for clarification from a teacher.”

Christian and his family are worried that this will negatively affect his college and sports opportunities in the future, and are in contact with lawyers.

Libs of TikTok have made a post on X stating, “Please support this based student by helping to raise awareness to his story!”

Elon Musk has even weighed in on the matter calling it, "absurd."

Written By: Jennifer


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